Celebrity Adventures in Italy
5 Days Package 2025

Experience the flavors and sounds of Maestro Bocelli’s Tuscany as you attend the VIP Celebrity Adventures Event in Italy 2025

5 Days

Immerse yourself in Andrea Bocelli’s Tuscany with our 5-day Celebrity Adventures Italy “Notti Toscane” package. Journey through Florence, Lucca, and more, including Bocelli’s Lajatico. Experience the magic of the Teatro del Silenzio Show and the exclusive “Notti Toscane” event. Discover Bocelli’s vineyards, savor exquisite dining in his restaurants, and enjoy a wine tasting adventure. Unwind at Alpemare Beach Club, with the Apuan Alps as your backdrop. A blend of VIP events, culinary delights, and breathtaking scenery awaits.

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Are you ready for an extraordinary journey through Tuscany, where the essence of Italian culture, cuisine and music intertwine to create an unforgettable experience? From the historic streets of Lucca to the luxurious seaside elegance of Forte dei Marmi, this tour invites you to explore the rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes that Italy boasts. Savor the finest Italian cuisine, visit the homes of legendary composers, and relax at the prestigious Alpemare Beach Club. The highlight? An exclusive evening at Maestro Bocelli’s villa for the “Notti Toscane” event, a magical blend of music and camaraderie. This adventure, culminating with a heartfelt “Arrivederci,” promises to leave you with lasting memories and a desire to return.

Tour overview

Duration: 5 Days


  • Pick-up in Florence or Pisa
  • Tour of Historic Winery
  • Wine Tasting
  • Traditional Lunch
  • Check- in at your Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Florence Guided Tour
  • Ponte Vecchio Visit
  • Lunch at a Traditional Trattoria
  • Uffizi Gallery Visit
  • Return to your Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Bocelli Family Vineyards
  • Exclusive Wine Tasting
  • Lunch at Bocelli Restaurant
  • Bocelli Museum Visit
  • Concert Night
  • Post-Concert Dinner
  • Return to Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Lucca Private Tour
  • Visit of Puccini’s Home and Museum
  • Transfer to Alpemare Beach Club
  • Seafood Lunch
  • Pietrasanta Visit
  • Return to Hotel and Dinner
  • Relaxation Morning
  • Lunch
  • Notti Toscane Event
  • Return to your Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Drop-off to Airport or Train Station

Detailed itinerary

Pick-up in Florence or Pisa

Welcome to the heart of Italy! Your journey begins the moment you’re greeted by your personal English-speaking driver at Florence or Pisa, ready to whisk you away to the lush Florentine countryside.

Tour of Historic Winery, Wine Tasting and Lunch

Discover a centuries-old winery, where the art of winemaking and olive oil crafting comes to life. Tour the historic cellars, dive into a curated wine tasting, and then savor authentic Italian cuisine paired with a glass of exquisite Chianti for lunch.

Check- in at your Accommodation

After a morning rich in culinary delights, relax as you’re escorted to your charming Tuscan retreat. Check in, unwind, and anticipate an evening of more indulgent experiences.

Breakfast and Florence Guided Tour

Begin your morning with a sumptuous breakfast, then let your private driver escort you into Florence‘s vibrant heart, where history and art blend seamlessly. Your adventure in this Renaissance city kicks off with your own private licensed tour guide, who will lead you through Florence’s cobblestone streets and into the revered halls of the Accademia Gallery. Here, skip the lines to stand in awe of Michelangelo’s David, a true testament to artistic genius.

Ponte Vecchio Visit and Lunch at a Traditional Trattoria

As the morning unfolds, meander across the storied Ponte Vecchio. Take your time to discover the bridge’s quaint artisan shops, each telling a tale of Florence’s rich heritage. For lunch, dive into the flavors of Tuscany at a traditional Florentine trattoria nestled in the city’s heart, a culinary experience that promises delight.

Uffizi Gallery Visit and Return to your Hotel

The journey of discovery continues at the Uffizi Gallery, where the works of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and other masters await. This tour isn’t just a walk through art history, it’s a voyage into the very soul of the Renaissance. After a day filled with unparalleled beauty and inspiration, your driver will ensure a comfortable return to your hotel, where you can relax and ponder the timeless artistry that defines Florence.

Breakfast and Transfer to Bocelli Family Vineyards

Begin your Tuscan day with a delightful breakfast, setting the stage for an immersive journey to Lajatico, the cradle of the Bocelli family vineyards. Here, you’ll unveil the secrets behind the prestigious winemaking traditions of Azienda Bocelli.

Exclusive Wine Tasting, Lunch and Bocelli Museum Visit

Delve into an exclusive wine tasting at the Bocelli family restaurant, where the rich narratives of each bottle are as captivating as their flavors. Accompany this exploration with a lunch that perfectly complements the wines, blending taste and tradition. Afterward, enrich your understanding of the Bocelli legacy with a visit to the Bocelli Museum, nestled within the restaurant.

Concert Night – 19 July 2024

This intimate exploration leads into the evening’s crescendo: the Teatro del Silenzio concert. Experience VIP treatment from the moment you arrive, enjoying a pre-show aperitif with stunning views of the Tuscan hills, before settling into your executive seats. The air fills with the enchanting voice of Maestro Bocelli, a moment of musical bliss under the stars.

Post-Concert Dinner and Return to Hotel

The magic extends beyond the last note, with a post-concert dinner at a local restaurant offering a chance to relish the flavors of Tuscany once more. As the night draws to a close, your private driver will ensure your return to the hotel, wrapping up a day of unforgettable experiences with a serene buonanotte.

Lucca Private Tour and Visit of Puccini’s Home and Museum

Begin the day with a journey into the historic heart of Lucca, where the streets tell stories of centuries past. Here, a private guide will be waiting to reveal the rich tapestry of culture and history that envelops this fascinating city, birthplace of the illustrious composer Giacomo Puccini. Immerse yourself in his world with a visit to his home and dedicated museum, where music and history intertwine.

Transfer to Alpemare Beach Club and Seafood Lunch

As the morning’s adventures ignite the appetite, a scenic drive leads to the luxurious seaside charm of Forte dei Marmi, where Maestro Bocelli and his family reside. Alpemare Beach Club, an example of coastal elegance, will welcome you with a gastronomic treat: a seafood lunch prepared to perfection, each bite accompanied by Bocelli’s exquisite wines.

Pietrasanta Visit, Return to Hotel and Dinner

The artistic paradise of Pietrasanta, famous for its association with Michelangelo and the pristine marble that gave birth to his iconic David, awaits you. Stroll through this seaside city of art, immersing yourself in its creative essence. After a day of cultural enrichment and culinary delights, return to your lodging for an evening of relaxation and a dinner that promises to be as comforting as it is satisfying, concluding a day of unforgettable experiences.

Relaxation Morning, and Lunch

Start your day in the most delightful way—with an authentic Italian breakfast, followed by a morning dedicated entirely to relaxation at your luxurious accommodation. Take full advantage of the amenities available to you and savor a sumptuous lunch, immersing yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Tuscan landscape.

Notti ToscaneEvent

As the day transitions into evening, prepare for an exclusive journey to Forte dei Marmi, where you’ll be welcomed at Maestro Andrea Bocelli’s villa. Here, you’re invited to experience the enchantment of the Celebrity Adventures Italy “Notti Toscane” event. Your evening will unfold in the villa’s stunning garden, hosting a special dinner that beautifully blends gourmet dining with captivating live performances. Maestro Bocelli, along with a selection of talented friends, will grace the stage, creating an atmosphere of pure magic under the Tuscan stars. This extraordinary event supports the noble cause of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, contributing to educational projects in Italy and Haiti.

Return to your Accommodation

After a night filled with music, elegance, and philanthropy, you’ll be escorted back to your accommodation. Drift into a peaceful sleep, carrying with you the melodies and memories of an unparalleled Tuscan evening. Buonanotte!

Breakfast and Drop-off to Airport or Train Station

Buongiorno on your final day in the enchanting Tuscan landscape! After breakfast, with your bags packed and memories secured, you’ll be gracefully escorted to the nearest airport or train station, marking the end of this beautiful chapter in Tuscany. See you soon!

Included services

Activities mentioned in the Detailed Itinerary
Day Tours
English-Speaking Driver
Licensed Guides
Meals & Beverages
Mercedes-Benz Vehicle with A/C
Tour Operator Insurance
Wine Tasting
Yoga Sessions
Wine Tasting
Wine Pairing
Tour Operator Insurance
Teatro del Silenzio Tickets
Private Shopper
Personal Shopper
P.P.G. Studios and CD recording
Museum/Monument skip line tickets
Mini Concert (1 HOUR)
Mini Concert
Mercedes-Benz Vehicle with A/C
Meals & Beverages
Licensed Guides
Ferry Tickets
English-Speaking Driver
Day Tours
Beach Tent
Activities mentioned in the Detailed Itinerary

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