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The Bocelli Estate’s legacy has developed through several generations, starting from the family’s humble beginnings tending a modest piece of land in the region. Over time, they acquired a small farm that laid the foundation for their extraordinary journey. Andrea’s grandfather, Alcide, a passionate custodian of the land, dedicated his life to cultivating the family farm. His son, Alessandro, not only inherited his father’s fervor, but also introduced fresh ideas and boundless enthusiasm to push the family business forward.

Alberto, Alessandro’s son and Andrea’s brother, then assumed responsibility for the farm, together with his wife Cinzia. Together, they have rejuvenated the equipment, innovated various aspects of the farm and created an impressive sales network.

The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking. Located in the idyllic Italian region of Tuscany, within the picturesque town of Lajatico, the Bocelli FarmHouse covers 120 hectares of land where the Bocelli family grows grains, vines and olive trees.

Discover the different wines produced by the Bocelli family, with varieties such as Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvasia and Cabernet. Elevate your palate by savoring these exquisite wines along a tantalizing tasting of authentic Tuscan flavors.

Bocelli Vineyards

Under the warm embrace of the Tuscan sun, immerse yourself in the enchanting valleys of Lajatico with a guided tour of Bocelli Vineyards. Marvel at the sweet grapes, lovingly hand-picked to create Bocelli’s exceptional wines, from Sangiovese to Cabernet. Embark on a sensory journey orchestrated by Great Italy Tour and learn about the fragrant essence of the vines dear to Maestro Bocelli, who often retreats to these vineyards.

Bocelli Tours

The experience we seek to offer with our Bocelli Tours reflects the elegance and grandeur of the Maestro’s music. Our mission is to provide you with an extraordinary, all-inclusive vacation that offers complete relaxation and peace of mind. Each tour includes an English-speaking driver and a luxurious and comfortable Mercedes Benz vehicle at your disposal for the entire trip.

Rest in opulent accommodations, meticulously chosen to suit your preferences. Delve into food and wine traditions, history and rich culture with our guided day tours throughout Italy. Each tour can be tailored to your needs, from the range of activities to the cities you wish to explore, maximizing the exceptional Bocelli experience.

Bocelli Teatro del Silenzio

We are immensely proud to present our remarkable assortment of private tour packages for Bocelli’s concert at Teatro del Silenzio, a sublime fusion of Bocelli’s breathtaking live music and delightful accommodations nestled in Tuscany’s most picturesque landscapes.

Book your personalized tour package for Bocelli’s concert at Teatro del Silenzio today and enjoy exclusive visits to Bocelli’s vineyards, VIP cocktails and chauffeur service, all to create unforgettable memories.