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Welcome to Bocelli FarmHouse, discover our tailor-made tours for unforgettable experiences in Tuscany and beyond with Great Italy Tour!

Inspired by a deep passion for Maestro Andrea Bocelli, your next travel experience will take you on an incredible journey through the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Italy, giving you the exclusive chance to learn more about the world of the great tenor by visiting his hometown, Lajatico, and experiencing an interesting, guided tour of the Bocelli family’s vineyards, culminating in an exclusive tasting of their wines.

Some of our tours also include a special treat: the amazing concert of the world-renowned Italian tenor in one of the most evocative venues in Italy, such as the Teatro del Silenzio in Tuscany.

Our day tours, shore excursions, and vacation packages are fully customizable and include luxurious accommodations, interesting visits and guided tours, delectable food and wine experiences and a private English-speaking driver in a top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz at your complete disposal.

Start planning a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Bocelli FarmHouse today!

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Del Silenzio

It is with immense pleasure that we present our exquisite assortment of Bocelli Food Experiences, meticulously crafted for those who enjoy the art of savoring food and wine with a cultural twist. Each of our Bocelli Gastronomic Adventures includes an exquisite wine tasting featuring three of Azienda Bocelli’s finest selections, paired with authentic Tuscan delicacies at Officine Bocelli Restaurant, nestled in the enchanting Valdera countryside. The Bocelli FarmHouse is an enduring testament to generations of unwavering enthusiasm and passion. A deep love for the land has been ingrained in the Bocelli family, starting with Andrea’s grandfather and passed down over the years to his grandsons, Alberto and Andrea. Today their product range has expanded to include cereals, olive trees and a sophisticated collection of wines. Among his many accomplishments, the FarmHouse remains one of Andrea’s most treasured legacies. The Bocelli family’s devotion and ardor are brilliantly embodied in their offerings, and you will witness this unique experience when you visit the Bocelli FarmHouse.In an exclusive collaboration, the Bocelli family has entrusted Great Italy Tour to be the only global tour operator able to arrange visits to the beloved FarmHouse for their esteemed clientele. Great Italy Tour specializes in creating customized, all-inclusive tour packages that guarantee its clients the exceptional privilege of exploring the Bocelli Estates and savoring firsthand the excellence of Bocelli products. This unprecedented experience is an exclusive offering that only Great Italy Tour can offer its discerning clients.

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